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Feb 06, 2022
Can you please add HSB papers thank you.


Jul 15, 2021
Please post some materials for Electrical Technology as well as Music thank you


Jun 24, 2021
Hello students. Some of the questions on the Spanish pages need to be corrected because accents are very important when writing questions and when referring to pronouns and articles. Was quite simply but somewhat ambiguous


Jun 03, 2021
private candidates can use this platform


Jan 28, 2021
Good evening, I currently do not attend any high school, i am a private candidate, is it possible for me participate in practicing online csec test without being a student at an institution.


Jan 06, 2021
2.add paper 2 questions for human and social biology, mathematics, English language A,SS and Office administration


Dec 19, 2020
The links to Paper 2 are not available. Please supply


Oct 30, 2020
What about hsb?


May 11, 2020
What about theatre arts


Mar 01, 2020
What about technical drawing?


May 03, 2019
great site but i have not seen any caricom in the social studies paper one


May 02, 2019
I'm so upset with myself right now Somebody should've told me about this site earlier when i was doing my actual exams I'm doing all my subjects over with paper 3 this May and i believe in myself that I'm gonna get all ones and two's.!! Some paper 3 past papers would be helpful to me, Thank You In Advance. I'm Really Happy i found this site.


Apr 30, 2019
We need paper two questions but on the other hand the paper one questions are really helpful


Apr 27, 2019
All paper two's are here:


Apr 25, 2019
We need paper 2 and some may need 3 please


Apr 24, 2019
Do you have any paper 2 or is it only paper 1 questions

Deepa Devi

Apr 04, 2019
We need Paper 2 questions


Mar 24, 2019
we need paper 2 questions for students to study


Feb 27, 2019
Any paper 2


Jan 15, 2019
We need paper 2 questions to study on


Dec 12, 2018
I'm so happy i found this site... i have an exam tomorrow and honestly, i would have never thought i could find such gold here. I d like to say thank you to the creators of this site and all who makes it a success... a big thumbs up to you.. lots of love


Nov 13, 2015
The practice for today had never and none - double negatives


Nov 01, 2015
The questions are really you have any paper 2 questions for the subjects though?