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How To Pass Your Math CXC Exams

Mathematics is unlike any other subject. All other subjects must be studied and crammed and read over to pass; math must be worked and reworked to achieve excellence. Meaning, passing math is a matter of application. You can't study math; you must work math questions over and over to get a full grasp of the subject.

Some mathematics sections are easier than others, and a simple formulae would do: Sets, Place Value, certain geometry questions like the area of a triangle: \(A = \frac{1}{2} b \text{ x } h\). However, even simple algebra ( \(6 ( 2x + 3y ) + 5 ( 4x + 9y )\)), quadratic equations (\(x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}\)) and matters of linear equations dealing with the \(X\) and \(Y\) axis must be applied to be understood.

If you are "not good" in math (although there is no such thing. All math is based on application), please begin where you are; take ginger steps. The journey of miles begins with one step. Isaac Newton and Einstein struggled with math, but they were diligent at it. They have gone done in history as geniuses. So can you, my friend, so can you.

Do not concern yourself with the smartest person in math in your class.

With earnest application, you will soon eclipse them.

"If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude." - Colin Powell

Do the work!

Math is learned by doing problems.

Do these seven things to accelerate your math skills.

  1. Pay attention in class. (30%)
  2. Diligently take notes. (20%)
  3. Do your homework as it is assigned. Do not hope to cram 3 weeks of lesson in one night. (20%)
  4. Log on to and do the question over and over. Familiarity is a friend. These questions were mainly gleaned from past CXC papers and the questions you will attempt in the CXC exam will be the same or of similar nature. (30%)
  5. If you do not understand a question, post it in our "ask a question" forum. Teachers and your peers will answer them.
  6. Form a study group. "Group think" is alway better than individualistic thinking. "Two is better than one."
  7. Willingly help others along the way. Offer your assistance to friends who need help with math questions. All great accomplishments begin with service. (KARMA)


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ok i am very weak in this area but i will try these steps in order to achieve a grade one pass for mathematics


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Thinking of doing science subjects in college, math is a must


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