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Principles of Accounts CXC Practice Test Questions

As a high school accounting student you should strive for an A in CXC accounting.

Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, said accounting was the most useful course he took in college.

As a student of accounting you future roll in business is vital to integrity and sound financial decisions in the work place. There is a BIG difference between an A and a B accountant. A single accounting mistake can cost an organization thousands of dollars and a B accountant just won't do.

Pass My CXC program has a large list of CXC accounting questions and answers that is guaranteed to boost your scores from an B to and A. The questions are identical to all the past CXC questions and are geared to help you achieve high marks by giving you a fantastic practice opportunity on questions related to introduction to the principles and techniques that accountants employ in measuring, processing, evaluating and communicating information about the financial performance and position of a business.

The course in Principles of Accounts assist secondary school students to develop an understanding of a range of theoretical and practical techniques used in accounting.

It equips students in developing skills that should enable them to participate more effectively and responsibly in today’s business environment, to improve the management of personal financial activities, such as, financial planning, budgeting, savings and investment.

The syllabus is arranged in 14 sections consisting of specific objectives and related content.

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Section 1 - Introduction to Principles of Accounts

Section 1 - The Classified Balance Sheet

Section 1 - Books of Original Entry

Section 1 - Ledgers and the Trial Balance

Section 1 - The Preparation and Analysis of Financial Statements of the Sole-trader

Section 1 - End of Period Adjustments

Section 1 - Control Systems

Section 1 - Incomplete Records

Section 1 - Accounting for Partnerships

Section 1 - Accounting for Corporations (Limited Liability Companies)

Section 1 - Accounting for Co-operative Societies

Section 1 - Accounting for Non-Trading (Non Profit) Organizations

Section 1 - Manufacturing Accounts

Section 1 - Payroll Accounting