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Physics CXC Practice Test Questions

So you want to be an engineer? Getting a grade 1 in CXC physics is vital to getting scholarships to an engineering school. Pass My CXC comprehensive list of physics questions identical to those from past CXC exams will help you to be completely prepared for answering CXC questions on systems, laws, models, principles and theories.

The study of Physics provides students with knowledge and understanding of how the principles of Physics are applied to the development and production of machines and devices that contribute to the technological advance of societies.

We have the perfect program for you to begin practicing to gain a fuller understanding of physics.

The Physics Syllabus is designed to allow students to work individually and with others in practical, field and interactive activities that are related to theoretical concepts in the course.

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The syllabus is arranged in six sections.

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Section 1 - Physical Measurements and Units

Section 1 - Mechanics

Section 1 - Thermal Physics and Kinetic Theory

Section 1 - Waves and Light

Section 1 - Electricity and Magnetism

Section 1 - The Physics of the Atom