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Physical Education and Sport CXC Practice Test Questions

With 20/20 in the Caribbean and many opportunities to promote sports - tourism in the region, having individuals like you with adequate knowledge of sports administration and management is a plus.

The skills and knowledge acquired through the study of this syllabus may be further developed and employed in a variety of professions including, but not confined to, Physical Education, Games or Sports. The professions include those below.

Athlete Sport Administrator
Coach Sport Analyst
Curriculum Officer Sport Equipment Dealer
Dietitian Sport Journalist
Exercise Physiologist Sport Announcer
Masseur/Masseuse Sport Lawyer
Physical Education teacher/lecturer Sport Manager
Physical Training Instructor Sport Medicine/Practitioner
Physiotherapist Sport Official (referee, umpire, linesman)
Research Officer Sport Organiser
Sport Agent Sport Psychologist
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Section 1 - History and Development of Physical Education and Sport

Section 1 - Anatomy and Physiology

Section 1 - Fitness and Performance

Section 1 - Health and Nutrition

Section 1 - Trends and Social Issues