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Integrated Science CXC Practice Test Questions

Integrated Science is perfect for those seeking opportunities in a wide array of science and engineering fields. Getting a grade 1 in CDC integrated science requires a well rounded knowledge of the sciences.

The integrated science CXC CSEC syllabus is comprised for four areas of study: the home/workplace, recreation, transport, and the organism, which deal with the basic spheres of human activity and experience.

In essence it entails the three fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pass My CXC has a comprehensive list of questions identical to CXC pass papers that will help any student increase their grade level from a C to an A. Our objective is to see you do well not only in integrated science but in all your CXC subjects.

The Integrated Science Syllabus is intended to contribute to the science education needs of secondary level students in the following groups:

A) those whose abilities, aptitudes and choice of courses will allow them to pursue only one science subject, or who wish to pursue a science course in the interest of a rounded general education.

B) those who study science-related subjects such as Home Economics and Agricultural Science, or who intend to go on to studies at the tertiary level, for careers in areas such as nursing and teaching.

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Section 1 - Production and Growth (Food and Nutrition, Circulation, Respiration, Excretion, Coordination)

Section 1 - The Home/ Workplace (Temperature control and ventilation, Water and the Aquatic Environment, Pests and parasites/sanitation, Safety hazards, Electricit , Fossil fuels/ Solar energy/ Alternative sources)

Section 1 - Recreation ( Sport and Body Functions, Sport in Air/Water, Sport and Materials, Audio-Visual Activities)

Section 1 - Transportation ( Energy, Forces, Earth Movement and Their Effects)