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Information Technology CXC Practice Test Questions

You should strive for a grade 1 in the CXC information technology course.

Information technology is one of the fast growing and most rewarding field today. The United States produces about 50,000 IT specialist each year, but needs about 80,000 to fill in job vacancies. Job prospect in the IT sector is fantastic. Now is the time for you to seperate yourself from the rest, by getting a grade 1 in information technology.

This IT syllabus is designed to provide a coherent view of the significance of information, the application of information and the use of the computer.

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The CXC information technology syllabus aims to provide the kind of practical experience which includes an element of discovery, data analysis, together with the practical skills that will prepare students to meet the Caribbean need for increase in efficiency and production.

The syllabus is organised under eight main sections.

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Section 1 - Fundamentals of Hardware and Software

Section 1 - Problem-Solving and Program Design

Section 1 - Program Implementation

Section 1 - Applications and Implications of Information and Technology

Section 1 - Information Processing

Section 1 - Wordprocessing, Presentation and Web Page Design

Section 1 - Spreadsheets

Section 1 - Database Management