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History CXC Practice Test Questions

Getting a straight A in history does not necessarily require specials skills or effort. What is does require is frequent practice with questions and answers that relate to the subject.

Pass My CXC has a fantastic list of past CXC history questions, that if you would be dedicated to practicing these questions, it is without a doubt that you wil pass the multiple choice section with high marks.

The CXC history syllabus has three main sections:
1) The Indigenous people of the Americas, primarily the Caribbean and the area from Mexico to Chile.
2) The history of the island during the slave trade
3) The quest for emancipation, the effect of colonization and the journey to independence.

Passing the CXC history will be determined by you knowledge of the questions Caribbean historians have raised, hypotheses about historic events, evidence gathered and the variety of sources, interpretation of historical data and published reports.

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Section 1 - Indigenous Societies

Section 1 - Slave Systems: Character and Dismantlement

Section 1 - Freedom in Action