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English CXC Practice Test Questions

Why should you strive for nothing but an A in CXC English? A wise person once said, "success is based on 15 percent of what you know and 85 percent on how you communicate to others. Being a master of the English language is vital in helping you climb the ladder of life, easily communicate your ideas and influencing others.

The CXC General Proficiency in English helps students explore the three major literary modes: Drama, Poetry, and Prose Fiction, in order to become aware of the many functions and purposes of the different parts of the English language.

Our English Syllabus has 4 sections: Comprehension, Grammar, Punctuation and Paragraphing gear to help you be well-rounded on the questions that will appear on the CXC examinations.

Pass My CXC has a large list of English Questions and answers that are identical to those of past CXC exams, giving you the best change to pass with "flying colours".

You can take the multiple choice test with a mix of question from different sections or you can choose to do particular syllabus sections to strengthen your proficiency is areas that need improving.

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Section 1 - Comprehension

Section 1 - Grammar

Section 1 - Punctuation

Section 1 - Paragraphing