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Economics CXC Practice Test Questions

In today's financial environment, the Caribbean is unquestionably in need of more economist, and you could be the one to make a BIG difference. Your journey starts now, by working smart to get great grades in CXC economics.

Pass My CXC has put together an incredible list of economics questions identical to those on past CXC papers. We are confident that if you were to deligently practice these question, come the day of results you will be sure to get a grade 1

The cxc syllabus is designed to allow student to obtain a good understanding on relevant economic concepts and principles of how markets perform and economic variables affect business and social environment.

The syllabus delves into others fields of study (social science, history, politics, etc) in so far as they affect the economy landscape of the Caribbean island in particular.

The syllabus is arranged in seven sections:

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Section 1 - Economic Management: Policies and Goals

Section 1 - International Trade

Section 1 - Caribbean Economies in a Global Environment

Section 1 - The Nature of Economics

Section 1 - The Financial Sector

Section 1 - Markets and Prices

Section 1 - Production, Economic Resources and Resource Allocation