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Agriculture CXC Practice Test Questions

The worlds population is on a rapid increase and there is an increasing middle class in countries like Brazil, China, and Russia. Owing to this reality, agriculture - the production and preservation of food, in particular, will be of vital interest to every nation food security.

We also live in a world where everyone is competing for the next best job or the most financially beneficial scholarships programs for college. If you intend to go to college to or improve your job prospects, then getting a grade 1 in CXC agriculture will be of importance to you.

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The agriculture syllabus requires students to treat with certain conceptual and theoretical issues associated cultivation of plants, the growing of animals, soil management, environmental issues and whole range of other practical skills and an awareness of the technologies associated with agriculture.

The syllabus provides for study leading to a Single Award or a Double Award in the subject and is arranged in five sections: Candidates presented for the Single Award examination must complete Sections 1, 2 and 3 only, while candidates presented for the Double Award examination must complete Sections 1 to 5

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Section 1 - The Business of Farming

Section 1 - Crop Production

Section 1 - Animal Production

Section 1 - Horticulture

Section 1 - Animal Management